“GLAMOROUS” Magazine

“GLAMOROUS” Magazine

Date: 28th March 2012Blog Title: This is Juyeon, thank you so much for your messages!Hello to all the Playgirlz Japan, this is Juyeon!On March 19th, my birthday, I had loads of things that make me happy!The messages you all sent me through the fan club, I read them all~♪(I didn’t want to but, because some kanji were difficult to me I got helped by the staff members who read those to me…)(* Translator’s Note: She means that she wanted to read them all by herself but, because she’s still learning and cannot read all the kanji, she needed help from the staff)Thank you very much!I was flattered by the great affection you all have for me!You were all worried for my health, you told me you check the episodes of the TV shows I do in Korea, etc. I enjoyed reading those.And also I got a surprise from the staff members who prepared a cake for me.While we were in the middle of practice for the tour, the lights suddenly went off, it caught me by surprise, and in the middle of the dark the lighted candles of the cake appeared!It was incredibly bright and beautiful!Can you see the cream that Kahi-san put on my cheek as a prank? (*^^*)I really love you all!Juyeon, I will work even harder!!!by Juyeon.(Translated from Japanese to English by okdr) 



中島美嘉 - 雪の華 by After School

After School’s 3rd Anniversary song ♥

(Source: as-fan.com)


After School 3rd anniversary (Juyeon message) translated to English
translation credits to @tientai and @AS_Lizzyfacts
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